Complete Wrappu Gift Set
Everything you need to create stunning gifts.
Available colors ︎︎︎︎
The Complete Wrappu Gift Set comes in all four shapes and colors.
Each Wrappu comes flat in a protective cardboard sleeve, ready to be folded up. Each Wrappu includes also a greeting card, tissue paper and 4 stickers. 

1 x Pyramid
95 mm wide
95 mm deep
215 mm high

1 x Pouch
70 mm wide
75 mm deep
275 mm high

1 x Prism
243 mm wide
170 mm deep
147 mm high

1 x Case
243 mm wide
170 mm deep
63 mm high

Wrappu colours are mixed by default. If you would like a shape in a specific colour, please make a note in the checkout process e.g. Pouch = Yellow. 

Find out more about Wrappu here.

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